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If you are looking at skilled facility nursing homes in Mayfield, KY and surrounding areas, look no further.  Green Acres Health Care is Mayfield’s only privately owned provider of skilled nursing care and rehabilitative services the Graves County area.  As a part of our rehabilitative serves, we offer physical, occupational, and speech therapies in our on-site therapy gym.

Physical Therapy

At Green Acres Health Care, we take pride in our Rehab to Home therapy program, where we have rehabbed and returned nearly 50% of our admissions.  Our physical therapists provide skilled therapy to improve mobility, balance, transfers, range of motion and pain management. They instruct patients in skilled techniques to improve their ability to walk, climb stairs and increase physical stamina. They assess the need for specialized braces or equipment that may be required to improve self-reliance and safety.

Injury and illness can take a toll on the body’s strength and mobility. Physical therapists can help patients regain strength, coordination and balance and reach specific goals, such as independent movement, wheelchair mobility or walking.

Physical therapy services are designed to provide every patient with a comprehensive evaluation followed by an individualized treatment plan. Our therapists emphasize patient participation and follow-through.

Services include:

  • Orthopedic assessments of musculoskeletal problems
  • Patient education and home program instruction
  • Comprehensive post falls assessment and interventions
  • Gait analysis (for patients who are having problems walking); fall recovery, balance training
  • Manual therapy techniques, including ambulation, joint mobilization, positional release, strain/counter strain and muscle energy
  • Home management skills including work simplification, energy conservation and home safety analysis
  • Therapy for chronic pain problems and pain management techniques
  • Stroke rehabilitation to restore function after a stoke
  • Treatment of chronic, non-healing wounds through the use of state of the art equipment
  • Diagnosis and rehabilitation of vestibular disorders for patients suffering from dizziness
  • Continence management
  • Orthotic and prosthetic training
  • Transfer Training
  • Pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation
  • Strengthening activities to restore muscle function
  • Body mechanics to prevent injury and accident

Occupational Therapy

Everyday home management activities such as cooking or getting dressed can be difficult for people who have been seriously injured or suffer from a debilitating disease. If a patient needs assistance in regaining independence in daily living skills, the occupational therapists at Green Acres Health Care can help.  Our ADL programs can help the patient regain skills they need to return home. 

Our occupational therapists work with the patient, family members and referring physicians to develop an individualized treatment plan. Therapists take individuals through a variety of daily living activities such as bathing, dressing and preparing meals. For example, a person might be taught to use a bathtub seat, grab bars or long-handled sponge for bathing or to use reachers to obtain objects from shelves.

Specialized techniques may be used to help individuals with cognitive functioning, such as increasing their visual awareness or improving short-term memory and reaction times. For instance, if a patient’s field of vision in the left eye has been cut, that person will need to be trained to be aware of everything on the left side of the environment.

If a patient can no longer perform a skill, the therapist can teach alternatives. For example, a right-handed person who has sustained injury to the right hand can be taught to use the left hand more efficiently.

Occupational therapists are trained to make splints to prevent further injury or to correct a deformity caused by injuries or diseases such as arthritis. Specialized treatment of the hand is offered through the care of our occupational therapists.

Speech Therapy

For people with learning disabilities, strokes, dementia, hearing loss or other illnesses, communication can be very difficult. If you need assistance with speaking, thinking or swallowing, our speech therapists can help.

  • Evaluate and provide treatment for communication problems to help regain listening, reading, speaking and writing skills
  • Perform swallowing studies and retrain people who suffer from dysphagia swallowing difficulties
  • Provide voice therapy to persons with voice disorders caused by nodules as a result of overuse or misuse of the vocal chords
  • Improve cognitive functioning

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